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Welcome to Leaderstamp, a place to define your identity and unleash your career superpower.

  • Are people not seeing you the way you want them to?

  • Do you lack influence in your organization?

  • Do you lack confidence in high stakes situations at work?

  • Do you feel stalled in your career?

What is a Leaderstamp?

In a nutshell, your Leaderstamp is your leadership identity - your unique imprint on the world. It reflects both your sense of self and how you are perceived by others. Practically, it’s a tangible representation of your vision, purpose, values, strengths, habits and goals. Your clearly defined Leaderstamp is your career superpower that guarantees that you are seen how you want to be seen and experienced as you intend!


Our leadership development and coaching programs are designed for leaders like you to define, refine, and align your leadership identity with your daily leadership. By projecting a strong Leaderstamp you will increase your impact, influence, and intention and advance your career.

Lead With Purpose

You long to feel a sense of purpose and be connected and aligned to your work. A recent HBR study study demonstrates that those who lead primarily from internal values-based motivations outperform those who are driven by external rewards. The process of developing your Leaderstamp will connect you to your values, strengths, vision and purpose. Intentionally projecting your Leaderstamp in your daily leadership will connect you to your ‘why’ and motivate and inspire others to help you achieve your vision.

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Advance Your Career

Read Kieran’s story

You want to continue to grow and advance your career. Developing and intentionally projecting a strong, clear, aligned Leaderstamp is the path to career advancement. Your leadership reputation is your most valuable asset. A good reputation will gain you the confidence and trust of people at all levels of the organization. Your job is to help others see your values, strengths, vision and purpose. It's up to you to show others how you want to contribute and add value to your organization in your current and future roles.

Increase Your Influence

You want to engage, inspire and motivate others. Consistently projecting your Leaderstamp will ensure you have the impact and influence that you need to effectively lead others and achieve both your organization’s and your personal leadership vision. Imagine your influence when you are connected to and projecting yourself everyday with clarity and intention.  

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Unleash your Career Superpower

1. Define your Leaderstamp clearly or get extra coaching until you do – GUARANTEED


2. Lifetime enrolment in the Leaderstamp online community


3. Access to a quarterly online Leaderstamp Masterclass

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